Soporte sujeta moto (WheelChock) RatRod
  • Soporte sujeta moto (WheelChock) RatRod
  • Soporte sujeta moto (WheelChock) RatRod

Soporte sujeta moto (WheelChock) RatRod

$ 120,661


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Color: RatRod (Sin protección, pulido y desengrasado)

What is it for?

It secures the motorcycle wheel to facilitate its transport, storage, parking and to avoid the use of the stand, leaving it in perfect verticality all the time it is on the support.

It can be securely attached to a trailer, to the floor or to the box of any utility vehicle with its 4 holes. With the 3-position front wheel chock and the 4-position rear wheel chock, they adapt in distance and height, accommodating according to the different wheels. Therefore it fits most standard bikes.

How is it used?

Always make sure the wheel chock is centered. Place it against the tire tread. The wheel chocks must be placed downhill or horizontally and behind the center of gravity of the front wheel of the vehicle.


*Painting: They have a primer coat and 2 coats of water-based enamel. Colors Yellow/black/green/orange. In case of special color consult for surcharge.

*RatRod : Without finishing, support ready to paint without any protection, polished and degreased.

If you want a RatRod with protection you can prime it with a lacquer. Ask about the surcharge