Wheel Chock

It secures the motorcycle wheel to facilitate its transport, storage, parking and to avoid the use of the stand, leaving it in perfect verticality all the time it is on the support.

It can be securely attached to a trailer, to the floor or to the box of any utility vehicle with its 4 holes. With the 3-position front wheel chock and the 4-position rear wheel chock, they adapt in distance and height, accommodating according to the different wheels. Therefore it fits most standard bikes.

Wheel Chock


  • Universal

    These Wheel Chock can be used on any surface, these have been designed for light and large motorcycles (It is recommended to fasten it to the floor by screwing through the holes if used for transportation (van, trailer, trailer, platform, etc.) or for very tall or heavy motorcycles.

  • transport

    Although these wheel clamp or WheelChock brackets can be used on any surface, they have been designed to minimize space (widthwise) and must be screwed to the floor if used for transportation (pickup truck, trailer, flatbed , etc.) or for very tall or heavy motorcycles.

  • Move

    Support to help and mobilize the transfer of the motorcycle. Ideal for use in installing the motorcycle on trailers, ramps, very suitable for motorcycle assistance service or for professional use in GP-type motorcycle competitions.

    Movement straight back and forth.

  • Monociclo
  • Accessories

    Accessories and parts that can be purchased separately or in conjunction with other items.

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